Valve Stem Caps

Brass 40s

The original OMP40s. Made from clear-coated, hand-fired .40 S&W brass casings. Fits Schrader type valve stems.

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Nickel 40s

The new breed of OMP40s. Made from clear-coated, once-fired .40 S&W nickel casings. Fits Schrader type valve stems.

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News About Freedom

Open Carry Coming to Texas January, 1st

House Bill 910 passed straight through the Texas House and Senate with only "Democratic", freedom-hating, donkey-faced jackasses voting against it. Greg Abbott, being the liberty-loving badass that he is, signed the bill into law at a shooting range, referring to the bill as a salute to the genius of the country's founding fathers.

Oklahoma Allows Open Carry, Texas May Follow.

Oklahoma's open carry bill (Senate Bill 1733) is now state law. Texas Representative George Lavender is pushing for a similar bill, Dallas News reports. As promised, is offering free shipping to Oklahoma forever.

Oklahoma On the Verge of Open Carry.

Oklahoma senate passes open carry bill Reuters reports. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is expected to sign the bill within days. Shipping fees will be waved for our Oklahoma customers if Fallin does sign the bill.

No shortage of .40 casings during civil unrest.

Government agencies have been stocking up on .40 S&W hollow point ammunition these past few years according to The Intel Hub. It's no wonder ammo prices are at an all time high.